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Grace Church located in Harrisburg, NC refreshes their website, logo and gets moving with Social Media.

Grace Church has needed an updated website for quite some time. Grace was experiencing growth and technology challenges as many churches do. Wanting to be self sufficient and keep costs down was also a concern.

Already having a new logo that reflected their congregation of inter-generational members. They also desired a little touch of modern to the website and wanted to include photos of their members to add genuine character.

Website Requirements:

• Social Media
• Calendar
• e-Prayer Chain
• Administration to be able to update content
• Grace Hymns, a website for purchases
• Paster Doug Agnew’s sermon’s downloadable on

NC Web Designs

SEO services are also needed for church websites just like any other non-profit business today. So, of course, the choice was WordPress for a CMS.

Come Discover Grace

Visit Grace Church on the corner of Stallings Rd. in Harrisburg, NC and to learn more about their Mission, Vision, and Core Values go to their website.

Passionately Proclaiming the Gospel of Grace