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How NC Web Designs volunteered at the Harrisburg ARTwalk

Who knew one conversation with Teresa Stern, while helping my daughter raise money for her Girl Scout troop at their car wash, located at Hardees in Harrisburg NC, would lead to a great opportunity to help raise money for a scholarship fund for a future Hickory Ridge High School senior. 

Teresa Stern, Harrisburg ARTwalk Coordinator & Event Planner, kindly brought her car over to get washed and to donate to Girl Scout Troop 1050. While the girls washed her car we had a delightful conversation.  As I learned about Teresa and what she was doing for Harrisburg and local area Artists, I knew I wanted to get involved to help her vision grow the Harrisburg NC community and "Just Make It Happen!"

Later, Teresa and I managed to connect on LinkedIn and she took me up on my offer!  On the morning of the event, my daughter and I set out to volunteer not sure what to expect. It was a unique experience for both of us.  I got to know Teresa more as the day’s events went on.  I sure was appreciative of the cup of coffee from Rocky River Coffee Company and was brought lunch from Hawthornes Pizza (They have my new favorite waffle fries, which are by the way, what I consider, worth it calories and total yum!)  

There were things about the experience we learned that will continue to improve the event.  The next Harrisburg ARTwalk will be Saturday, August 16th.  You won’t want to miss it.  There should be more local artists and vendors participating (i.e., crafts, jewelry, painting, photography, pottery, unique gifts).  We had many asking to go ahead and sign up for the next one.  The interest is building and ideas for the next Harrisburg ARTwalk are growing.  Teresa is hoping to have more volunteers, donations and sponsors because without them the event would not be possible.

Please share the information about the event.

For more information or to contact Teresa Stern about the Harrisburg ARTwalk visit the website,, Be sure to Follow the Facebook page at  

I look forward to the next one for sure!!   Here are photos I took showing a variety of local Artists and their unique work.

Honey Bee Rescue Photo Shoot

It was a nice spring day as I drove in returning from a meeting when I was faced with two highly energized partners in honey bee rescue.  

They greeted me as I opened the car door and informed me they were going to save some honey bees in an old abandoned house that was going to be demolished in the coming week.  I listened for a minute and really, it was a minute. They told me what they were going to do.  I really wanted to see it, as I’ve heard about this before.  Not really what I would say as bucket list material, but it was once in a lifetime material. So they said, "Come on!"

I was in business casual clothes and had sandal pumps on and they couldn’t wait. I said, "Y'all are crazy."  I was given less than 5 minutes.  They were anticipating rain.  I ran inside and told them I was getting my tennis shoes on.  Instead, I threw on jeans and a white t-shirt (never tell them you have to change).  I kicked off my sandals, grabbed socks, tennis shoes, and my camera and then headed for the car, barefooted.  A good tip here is to always, always have your camera ready to go!

I said, “Ready, let’s go!   I’m following you.” 

Scenes of classic movies were running through my head the entire way there. The tune Dunt-da-dunt-da-dah-dah from the Wizard of Oz was playing in my mind as we were driving to the site.  Not to mention it totally reminded me of the movie Twister with the storm chasers, instead it was bee chasers.  Oh, and by the way, I did put my tennis shoes on, safety first, right! 

Here are my pictures from the successful honey bee rescue. 

Honey was dripping off the comb as the honey bees were flying around me when these pictures were taken. 

Really, it’s just all in a day’s work of a unique web designer’s life! 

Just make it happen!