Dogs Behaving Badly updates website and introduces Facebook page! has a re-designed website, and a new Facebook Page.

Stacy Hulen, a Certified Obedience Instructor specializing in Behavior Management & Dog Training, is very much experienced in dealing with dog behavior issues such as dogs that are being aggressive, fearful, obsessive or compulsive.

About 5 years ago, I had developed the old website, but over the years Stacy has studied science and research behind dog behavior. It was clear the site needed to be re-designed to support her training philosophy and the services that she now provides. Ideas for Barking News, her new blog on the website, became reality! Stacy offers dog training for the most difficult issues to the most common you can imagine.

Visit and subscribe to her new Facebook page and checkout the Barking News. Stacy Hulen, offers In-Home Obedience Training or a Board-and-Train option.

She will work with you and your dog to design a behavior modification plan that works!