Nance Electric, LLC

“A Loose wire will cause a Fire”

After meeting with Mike and Kristin Nance for the first time, I could tell they knew what they wanted in a website, but needed some help in “Just making it happen”.  Our ideas unfolded and we brainstormed together.   As I listened, I began to visualize!  We got started and it really turned out eye catching. To read more on this project visit my portfolio.

Nance Electric, family owned and operated local company in Harrisburg, NC with over 15 years experience.

They are a licensed, bonded, and insured full service electrical company serving the Charlotte, NC area near Harrisburg, NC, Matthews NC, Kannapolis NC, Salisbury NC, and Huntersville NC.

Nance Electric, LLC

They offer a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services. They specialize in home remodeling, new construction, can lighting, outdoor/indoor security lighting, and media centers (man caves and home entertainment).

Mike Nance, electrician, is committed to safety and integrity. He is licensed, bonded and insured.

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Designed their logo, marketing card, and responsive WordPress website as a CMS tool which includes Mike’s Blog, where he offers electrical advice, tips and more.

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CMS | Search Engine Optimization Services | Custom Logo & Responsive Website Design

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Adobe Fireworks | Photoshop | Illustrator


WordPress | CMS Setup | SEO Services | Marketing Card | Logo | Website Template | Social Media | Hosting and Domain Name Services

Dr. Judith Barnett | Marriage Counselor | Coach redesigned website...

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Helping people help others is something I enjoy doing, so redesigning Dr. Judith Barnett’s website was a delight!

judithbarnett2 Originally we worked together on her first website and it had been successful for many years in her practice and represented her specialties as a Marriage Counselor, www.judithbarnett.com. She has another website focusing on helping people recovering from the effects of infidelity on relationships called www.afterinfidelity.com, that is also a great tool for her practice.   

 It was time for a redesign of www.judithbarnett.com and so after working to update content and provide integration of a little bit of social media, fine tuning SEO and adding responsive capabilities, it is complete!

Judith S. Barnett, Ph.D. is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist, located in Chapel Hill, NC, helping individuals and couples for over 20 years.

 Specializing in relationship issues, Dr Barnett now offers convenient phone coaching nationwide and internationally.

Website Solutions | Requirements:

Search Engine Optimization Services | Custom WordPress Website and Graphics | Maintenance Support Services

Website and Design Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Responsive WordPress CMS (Installation and Design)

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How to survive upgrading MySql from 4.1 to 5.0 and upgrading WordPress 3.5.2

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Just make it happen....

surviveUpgrading WordPress is one thing, but having to upgrade the database is another.  Before you can upgrade WordPress, your database needs to be running MySql 5.0.  This can get a little complicated.  Your hosting company may not support this so you are left to resolve it on your own.  You decide it's just not worth it and forget.  You tell yourself ... it will be ok, so I'm not going to deal with it.  Who would hack my site anyway? 

Let me change your mind.

So one day you discover you can't access your website, it's being blocked in your browser or a client calls and they are having trouble, or worse, no one ever calls because no one ever finds your website online anymore, things have been quiet and you've been wondering what happened!

The security vulnerabilities in WordPress, if you have not upgraded to WordPress 3.5.2, are too risky if you value how much your site helps your business, your blog, your branding and your life!  It takes way more effort to resolve a hijacked website than to upgrade your database. 

I have had personal experience cleaning up hacked sites and there's more time involved in fixing things than just upgrading and you will also be blocked from Google if your site was hijacked and is serving malware on the internet.  

You may see "This site may harm your computer" warning in Google search results.

The reason for this is that someone more than likely has compromised your server into allowing them to modify files on your site. They do this by inserting malicious code into your web pages or database tables, or alter the code of your website.

There is an answer on how to survive updating WordPress, just call me! If you would like assistance in upgrading a MySql database to 5.0 or WordPress to 3.5.2 please contact me.  I highly recommend doing the WordPress 3.5.2 update which addresses multiple vulnerabilities for all previous versions.  What could take 4-5 hours, take less than 30 mins!

Now is the time!

Upgrade to WordPress 3.5.2 | Avoid Website Downtime