Nance Electric, LLC

“A Loose wire will cause a Fire”

After meeting with Mike and Kristin Nance for the first time, I could tell they knew what they wanted in a website, but needed some help in “Just making it happen”.  Our ideas unfolded and we brainstormed together.   As I listened, I began to visualize!  We got started and it really turned out eye catching. To read more on this project visit my portfolio.

Nance Electric, family owned and operated local company in Harrisburg, NC with over 15 years experience.

They are a licensed, bonded, and insured full service electrical company serving the Charlotte, NC area near Harrisburg, NC, Matthews NC, Kannapolis NC, Salisbury NC, and Huntersville NC.

Nance Electric, LLC

They offer a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services. They specialize in home remodeling, new construction, can lighting, outdoor/indoor security lighting, and media centers (man caves and home entertainment).

Mike Nance, electrician, is committed to safety and integrity. He is licensed, bonded and insured.

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Designed their logo, marketing card, and responsive WordPress website as a CMS tool which includes Mike’s Blog, where he offers electrical advice, tips and more.

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Website Requirements:

CMS | Search Engine Optimization Services | Custom Logo & Responsive Website Design

Design Tools:

Adobe Fireworks | Photoshop | Illustrator


WordPress | CMS Setup | SEO Services | Marketing Card | Logo | Website Template | Social Media | Hosting and Domain Name Services

Dr. Judith Barnett | Marriage Counselor | Coach redesigned website...

NC Web Designs

Helping people help others is something I enjoy doing, so redesigning Dr. Judith Barnett’s website was a delight!

judithbarnett2 Originally we worked together on her first website and it had been successful for many years in her practice and represented her specialties as a Marriage Counselor, She has another website focusing on helping people recovering from the effects of infidelity on relationships called, that is also a great tool for her practice.   

 It was time for a redesign of and so after working to update content and provide integration of a little bit of social media, fine tuning SEO and adding responsive capabilities, it is complete!

Judith S. Barnett, Ph.D. is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist, located in Chapel Hill, NC, helping individuals and couples for over 20 years.

 Specializing in relationship issues, Dr Barnett now offers convenient phone coaching nationwide and internationally.

Website Solutions | Requirements:

Search Engine Optimization Services | Custom WordPress Website and Graphics | Maintenance Support Services

Website and Design Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Responsive WordPress CMS (Installation and Design)

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Grace Church located in Harrisburg, NC refreshes their website, logo and gets moving with Social Media.

Grace Church has needed an updated website for quite some time. Grace was experiencing growth and technology challenges as many churches do. Wanting to be self sufficient and keep costs down was also a concern.

Already having a new logo that reflected their congregation of inter-generational members. They also desired a little touch of modern to the website and wanted to include photos of their members to add genuine character.

Website Requirements:

• Social Media
• Calendar
• e-Prayer Chain
• Administration to be able to update content
• Grace Hymns, a website for purchases
• Paster Doug Agnew’s sermon’s downloadable on

NC Web Designs

SEO services are also needed for church websites just like any other non-profit business today. So, of course, the choice was WordPress for a CMS.

Come Discover Grace

Visit Grace Church on the corner of Stallings Rd. in Harrisburg, NC and to learn more about their Mission, Vision, and Core Values go to their website.

Passionately Proclaiming the Gospel of Grace

Certified Mechanical, Inc. (CMI) Redesigns Website & Refreshes Brand

Having worked with CMI since 2007, it was a great honor to be able to redesign their website.  The challenge was to create a re-designed website that would continue to be optimized across the Internet and also improve their search ranking.Certified Mechanical, Inc. (CMI)

In order to provide a significant cost savings to CMI, they wanted to transfer their domain name and change hosting companies.  This is never an easy process, in fact one of the support technicians referred to it as a “delicate process”.  Working with both hosting companies, I managed to “Just Make It Happen”. After working thru transferring the domain name and setting up the hosting services, it was time to launch the website.

The new website optimizes CMI’s online web presence and refreshes their brand.  They also wanted to integrate with their Facebook and Linked-In sites.  The re-designed custom website is built with WordPress and is functioning as a CMS for the company.

Certified Mechanical, Inc. (CMI) is a full service licensed mechanical contractor providing services in Automation and Controls, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC serving North Carolina, (NC) and South Carolina, (SC).

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CMI has over 30 years of experience and specializes in Industrial, Commercial, and Critical Facility environments.

CMI is a complete Automation, Controls and Systems Integration provider.

Ask CMI about sustainable, energy efficient solutions!

Website Requirements:

Search Engine Optimization Services | Custom WordPress Website and Graphics | Maintenance Services

Website and Design Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, WordPress CMS, Domain / Hosting and Transfer Consulting Support

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Scenic Gifts of Mount Airy, NC launches new website and Facebook brand!

It has been and awesome blessing designing Scenic Gifts’ WordPress website and Facebook page! This unique, family owned and locally operated gift shop, focuses on products made in the USA and custom handcrafted wood tables. Yes, they ship!  You can find directions to the store, check out their custom built handcrafted wood tables by their own Wood Genius and see their new arrivals on their website.  Be sure to like their Facebook page to get updates and sale announcements.

This site was designed to creatively display all the unique products they carry as well and bring together their existing brand that so many of their favorite customers know and love.  Updating their look and bringing together a rich brand and Facebook profile was ideal.  Search engine optimization was included of course, as well site setup on WordPress, a CMS tool.

You’ll find Scenic Gifts nestled in the foothills of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, a scenic drive no matter which direction you are traveling, so stop in and try their fudge!  You’ll experience, plenty of Southern hospitality and see their one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture that has made this extraordinary shop legendary.

I can smell the homemade fudge right from my computer screen!

Animal Supply House of Rock Hill launches new website and Facebook Page!

It has been a pleasure designing the Animal Supply House of Rock Hill's website and Facebook page! I have enjoyed the opportunity to focus on a local business that is providing customer service to our community and our pets! I personally love them all, have a dog and cat and would have more if I could!

This website was designed with SEO services for pet supplies, targeting sells as a local small business in Rock Hill, SC. Holistic By-product free foods are their specialty. They have a complete line of pet foods, accessories and offer grooming services. They also carry environmentally friendly pet products and supplies.

They had a logo but needed a complimentary website and Facebook Fan page to boost store traffic and increase sales. Animal Supply House has pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds and small animals and specializes in holistic by-product free foods in Rock Hill, SC. Animal Supply House in Rock Hill, SC believes in great customer service to serve you and your family members of the canine, feline, and avian variety. They carry food and supplies for reptiles and small mammals. Their goal is to provide their customers with the absolute best pet nutrition and service available. "Come on in and Sniff Around."

Find out about their grooming services and take their 28 day food challenge!

Hand Up Africa launches a re-designed Facebook page and Website!

Hand Up Africa needed their website redesigned to build awareness of their mission and provide a portal for communicating accomplishments to their community of supporters and also provide project updates on a more regular bases.

Hand Up Africa is a non-profit African Mission Organization that provides farming equipment and training for churches, schools, orphanages and other groups that specifically target at-risk children in Africa. Their goal is to create opportunities within African communities and to give them a Hand Up, not just a hand out!

Site enhancements include a Photo Gallery, HUA News, their Facebook link and acceptance of Online Donations through PayPal.

It's exciting to see such an organization grow and use their website and the Interent to embrace the benefits of today's marketing strengths. If you would like to learn more about their mission work in Africa or find out ways to get involved, just visit their website and click on Ways to Help!

Dogs Behaving Badly updates website and introduces Facebook page! has a re-designed website, and a new Facebook Page.

Stacy Hulen, a Certified Obedience Instructor specializing in Behavior Management & Dog Training, is very much experienced in dealing with dog behavior issues such as dogs that are being aggressive, fearful, obsessive or compulsive.

About 5 years ago, I had developed the old website, but over the years Stacy has studied science and research behind dog behavior. It was clear the site needed to be re-designed to support her training philosophy and the services that she now provides. Ideas for Barking News, her new blog on the website, became reality! Stacy offers dog training for the most difficult issues to the most common you can imagine.

Visit and subscribe to her new Facebook page and checkout the Barking News. Stacy Hulen, offers In-Home Obedience Training or a Board-and-Train option.

She will work with you and your dog to design a behavior modification plan that works!

Easley's Floor Covering launches re-designed website!

Easley's Floor Covering, needed their website re-designed to reflect their friendly and inviting full service flooring, countertop and remodeling business. They desired to have a user friendly site that was not overwhelming or busy but would provide quality information.

They strive to provide the same quality service no matter if the job is large or small. Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, they can provide solutions for your flooring and countertop needs. Conveniently, you can find their products, services, memberships and certifications on their website. Many of the product lines they carry are environmentally friendly for both residential and commercial areas, so be sure to check out their Environmentally Friendly Products page!

If you are looking to remodel or are building a new home, Easley's Floor Covering can help. They are located in North Carolina, but also service coastal and upstate South Carolina as well.

They can provide solutions for your projects from room to room!!

When Adobe Captivate is causing you delays...

I've just been working on a project using Adobe Captivate 4.0.  I did have the Adobe update "for the record", but was still having a lot issues when I started adding the audio for the project. Yes, it was the audio, which I imagine, due to the size of the files, is what started my nightmare.

My basic problem in Adobe Captivate 4.0 was that it would run correctly on the timeline, but when in preview or publish mode, it would add a longer time to each slide that was specified and they would not advance when they were suppose to (It wasn't really a crash or stall, just a long delay). This was very frustrating. I spent some time figuring out a solution. This is what to do to fix it and also what you probably won't need to do, but you can try depending on your issue. I couldn't really find any forums or help on this so I thought I'd add it to my blog to help someone in need or (return to it, when I need a reminder!).

Because I'm sure you are frustrated now and would like a solution and you do need to finish the project very soon I'm sure, so here's what to try:

Adobe Captivate 4.0 builds cache. I found plenty of articles about cache for Adobe Captivate 5.0 but nothing really on Adobe Captivate 4.0. So what I finally did was I looked at the file it was creating in Captivate, in the Preview Mode, and saw it was pointing to this folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp\cp4Temp

Close Captivate before doing the next step!

I moved all the files and folders from the above directory to a different folder in case I needed to restore them...for whatever reason (I was being precautious)...and I called that folder cp4Temp_old and left the cp4Temp folder empty.

Then I re-opened Adobe Captivate 4.0 and the problem was resolved (Totally Fab!!). Nothing else needed as far as I could tell.

After countless reading and trying to troubleshoot (and because I wasn't going to start over), I learned about needing to DaisyChain, so that was helpful.

Understand that Adobe Captivate 4.0 is known for causing corruption in files. I knew this but nothing worked to fix my problem. I had built a very large file...mistake number 1 for me. Lesson Learned, keep them to about 60 slides and learn how to Daisy Chain files, this link might be helpful. I did implement this so the problem would not occur again. So far, so good.

I read you might be able to get away with more slides, it just depends on how much content is in on each slide and how large the file size ends up being.

Here are a couple of other things that might help you depending on what your issues are and where you're at in the troubleshooting:

1. Reinstall Captivate 4.0 (probably won't help you, so you might want to try this last!).

2. As I read here, Troubleshoot unexpected behavior | Captivate 4, 5, I closed Captivate 4.0, then renamed the Preferences file captivate_v40.dat to old_captivate_v40.dat in this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate

Then opened Captivate 4.0, it recreates Preferences file, captivate_v40.dat but this didn't help me for the issues I was experiencing.

3. Restore a file by following the instructions on what's recommended here: or creating a new file as mentioned, but here are the basic instructions to import slides to an new project:

  • Create a new blank project with the same dimensions as the original CP file.
  • In the clean Adobe Captivate presentation select 'File>Import Slides/Objects from other Captivate projects'.
  • Browse to and select the corrupted CP file.
  • If no slides show in the importation dialog, then you will not be able to open the project.
  • If slides do show in the importation dialog, then click OK.
  • Once the slides have imported save your project.
  • You should now have an uncorrupted Adobe Captivate project.

Note: You will not be able to import quiz slides from one Adobe Captivate project to another.

Hope this helps you in some way, good luck to ya!